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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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there is the live radar sweep. we got a lot of coverage. the rainfall accumulations are light. light rain. but the roads are wet and it's in the heart of the commute. accumulations have been light. they will continue it be light as the system moves out. we will talk about a much larger weather system that already prompted the national weather service to issue a winter storm warning. fear tonight in a neighborhood that is still reeling from the storms last spring. ktvu's paul chambers is live with the changes he found today when he revisited a neighborhood that is sliding off its foundation. >> reporter: it was six months ago i stood in this area and watched the mudslide crash into
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people's homes. >> reporter: today the fear returns. >> the mud pushed our home off its foundation into the street. >> reporter: if 42 years this is where they -- for 42 years this is where they lived. six months later -- >> it is still moving. still moving. little by little. still sliding. 2507 give you an idea how much the earth moved in march this tree was further up the hill. >> our insurance doesn't want to take responsibility, the city doesn't want to take responsibility. >> reporter: they consider it an act of god plus they weren't covered for land slides or flooding. the city declared a state of emergency after the slide but the government denied them funder. >> private property situation. >> reporter: one family had to leave their home because it's
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red tagged. two others are yellow tagged. >> we alerted the police department to have extra patrols. >> reporter: they don't have the noons go elsewhere so all they can do is rely on faith. >> reporter: what if it rains? >> i don't -- i don't want to think that way. >> reporter: officials say they will have cruise out here to monitor the area. i am paul chambers. let's go to ken pritchett. >> reporter: we were here this morning when workers were trying to pick as many grapes as they could. you can see a white ribbon. that marks a row of grapes where they couldn't do anything. they are not ripe enough to pick so for now the rain will fall running the risk of
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disease or rot. they can only hope they will be okay. >> reporter: these are grapes picked today. by hand they check for ripeness and mold. >> quant is down but -- quanty is down but the quality is excellent. >> reporter: only those grapes that are ready can be harvested. >> leaving 2/3 on the vines and hoping for further ripeness. >> reporter: the rains can cause damage to the grapes on the vines. they called in crews to pick as many grapes as possible before the rainfalls. >> things changed. right now everybody is absolutely going as fast as they can. >> reporter: his crews are
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working on few hours of sleep and overnight. 80% of the crop is still on the vine. >> not very good. still a lot of grapes. >> reporter: the wine growers are getting hit twice. not only do they have the rain, but they also had a mild summer which meant it look longer for the grapes to ripen. what they are hoping for, they are hoping for warmer weather and especially winds to come through and dry off the remaining crops. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the wet weather is also effecting the commute. look at that. that is interstate 80 been berkeley. look that access road to the left, when that is busy you know traffic is bad. the middle lanes towards san francisco, and it is slow in both directions right now.
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and things are also jammed up on interstate 280 in the south bound direction. that is heading into downtown san jose and looks like it's slow going in both directions because of the wet weather. our coverage continues on just cleck on the weather tab. 911 dispatchers had to be evacuated because of a gas line puncture. it took pg&e crews 3 hours to cap the line but in the mean time workers, a library and residents had to be evacuated along with the 911 dispatchers. the wind has been dispersing the gas. >> the 911 dispatchers were relocated and everyone was
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allowed back this afternoon. san francisco police shot and killed a man who stabbed his parents this morning. -- parents this morning. when police arrived they found a 78-year-old man who was stabbed. when they went inside they found a 78-year-old woman who was also stabbed. the suspect then came at them carrying a knife, that is when they opened fire and killed him. the woman died from her injuries. neighbors are stunned. >> either way it's sad if someone got to that level of, you know, anger. >> the names of the suspect and stabbing victims haven't been released. police released a sketch of a man who shot and killed three people after a party this weekend. ktvu's jade hernandez has more about the party.
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>> reporter: police here at police headquarters now believe 150 to 200 people attended the party and the father of one of the teens killed told me he wants to put an end to gatherings like this one. >> reporter: his daughter died in a shooting early saturday morning. the father holds his daughter's only son a child heel raise without her. >> i am running on adrenaline. >> reporter: his daughter and her friends accepted an invitation through a social media site. >> i don't want parties promoted on facebook. >> reporter: it's his mission to put an end to them now. this woman knew the girls who died. >> every day i get phone calls
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of my kids being killed. they are all my kids. i treatthem like they are mine. >> reporter: -- i treat them like they are mine. >> reporter: a dry party with a dj, music and a tattoo artist and the party wrapped up before the shots were fired. >> we are working on it. >> trying to go to god to figure out how to get through it. it must be my daughter or something because i am getting strength from somewhere i don't understand where it's coming from. i need to get justice for my daughter. >> reporter: she wasn't the only victim in the shooting. you are looking at a memorial for lake -- for the three
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others. three others were hurt. two seriously. this is a sketch of a person of interest. he may or may not be one of two shooters. a light complexed african american with dreads below his shoulder and has gold teeth and diamonds on his canines. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. santa clara county received a grant to rehabilitate youth offenders. $750,000 second chance grant. the program provides a range of services including housing, drug abuse treatment and job training. the city counsel will discuss more safety measures where a girl was struck and killed. they put up new signals at the intersection. she was walking to school when the drive hit and killed her
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last week. farm that recalled lettuce because of listeria says the number of states effected was larger than initially shot. true leaf farms says it covers 2500 cardens of leviticus all the -- cartons of lettuce. so far no illnesses have been reported. >> steve westly warned the obama administration about shoal shoal's financial problems. -- solyndra's finance problems. he is an advisorier to the energy depermanent said if president obama visited solyndra he should avoid remarks that could haunt him. a job fair offered folks a chance to check out employers
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today. companies at the free fair had 400 jobs available ranging from customer service, sales and engineering. hire events says it seen more opening lately. >> they have about 165 opening. >> higher events next job fair is november 8. the state controller says schools received more than a billion dollars in lottery money. k-12 received $884 million. cal state $38 million and university of california received $27 million. of the bay area counties, santa clara, 49 million dollars. marine, $5 million. the american college student accused of killing her roommate is exonerated. when she could be back in the
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united states. the pga golf tour returns, only this year the excitement is building early because of one new player.
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i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better.
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sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. a family is asking for help in finding their loved one. the family reported her missing yesterday. the 29-year-old hasn't been seen since saturday night. if you have seen her call the san jose police department. amanda knox is a free woman tonight. a court overturned her murder conviction. she wepped as the verdict was read. a jury acquitted her and raffaele sollecito today. experts cast doubt on dna
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evidence in the death of her roommate in 2007. amanda knox could return home to seattle as soon as tomorrow. a homeowner made a discovery today in a neighborhood. the man found a world war ii mortar while cleaning his garage. police shut down the street and called the bomb squad. officials say they learned it was no longer reactive. the world's most famous athlete is coming to the bay area. new at 6:00. ktvu's robert handa is live where folks are already asking where is tiger woods. >> reporter: well, is tiger coming to town or is he already here? one thing for sure as you can see, no matter where tiger woods is ranked he is still at the top as an attraction. to see a boost in excitement and business is what people are
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hoping for. >> the course is getting spruced up for the open and the first appearance by the sports most famous' star and the buzz has started in the community of morgan hill and gilroy and what has separated tiger woods, he generates interest among casual fans. >> tiger is the big draw? >> yeah. i mean, there was the scandal with the affairs and everything, so, it's nice to see him back on. >> reporter: according to the director, the interest is showing. >> we will expand our media. it's trichled the number of requests -- tripled the number of requests. >> reporter: many people hope to see the interest spill over. >> i believe anytime you can add to your community, as far as businesses and draw people in, it's a good thing. everybody benefits. >> reporter: in asking around
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town, the rumor is tiger is already here. staying at the home of john fry. as to being able to see him? >> wednesday, 8:00 a.m. folks can come out, purchase a daily ticket and watch him on that day and he will play in the afternoon on thursday and in the morning on friday. >> reporter: another thing that may boost interest, fans can bring cameras. you can guess who will have to put up with the most clickings. rockert h -- robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. google says it will unveil a new service tomorrow to create web base circular. google is working with best buy and macy's. bart is looking for public imput. the first in a series of meetings is getting underway at
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the city counsel. bart is required to adjust the boundaries of its 9 districts. the biggest population growth is in eastern contra costa and alameda. you can find the schedule of meetings on >> he will battle the u.s. army corps of engineers over its policy that bans trees on levies. he says they are overreacting. he says the policy banning trees could detablize levies and could impact wildlife that depends on those trees. showers moving through the area right now in the heart of the evening commute. we showed you the traffic cameras, there is slow going out there. look at the storm. it's winding down in the north bay. nonetheless, showers right now
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on the richmond bridge, on the bay bridge, and hayward bridge. looks like a lot of rain, but so far accumulations have been light. a quarter of an inch in the heaviest locations. most of us below a 10th of an inch. tomorrow is the transition day as it tees up for tomorrow night which makes this looks like a baby. hire is the system. looking more significant today than what is reaching the ground. here is what i am tracking. this one will drop rain at the rate of oranges and reds. winter storm warning has been issued tomorrow night through wednesday. tuesday night through wednesday. and snow levels down to 6,000 feet. half foot of rain up there at the summit and above that a
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foot. overnight the system gets in here. besides the rain, that's lot. there is wind, the jet stream is over us. the winds migrate down to the service and we could see wind gusts tuesday morning into wednesday morning. that's a real problem for possible downed trees. lots of leaves on the trees. the trees will be heavy. wind and rain will put pressure on them. tomorrow morning showers. that's our clearing day. tomorrow afternoon. fine. here we go. 3:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. fast mover. there is the back edge of the front. when it swings through, moves south and scattered showers are going to move in wednesday, lunchtime, few scattered showers and could linger into wednesday afternoon. might even be sprinkles for thursday. that's not a big deal in terms
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of rainfall. real event is tomorrow night tine wednesday morning. -- into wednesday morning. >> thank you. here is a look at what is coming up at 7:00 on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. family members travel to the location where a loved one was kill. they are asking for your help in solving this murder mystery. plus why one of the catchiest tunes is being silenced tonight. those stories and more on tv 36. and sports is next. we will be right back. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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and dental plans.
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. requiring state and local governments to buy more product made in america. one example is the new eastern expansion of the bay bridge. parts being made in china. the baseball playoffs are underway. the texas rangers, last year in the world series, are going on without the giants and texas is
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looking like they are ready to move on another step as they take care of tampa bay although it was the rays who get off early. desmond jennings hits two home runs today. that one off lewis. in the 7th, mike of the rangers off price who was pitching a beauty, two run shot. but them in the lead for good. texas leads the best of 52-1. -- best of 5, 2-1. the most thrilling victory for the 49ers. coming on with 21 second half points. led by captain come back, jim harbaugh. we are starting to learn more about the coach as a person, including the fact he is not a guy who likes to fly first class. >> i don't feel comfortable in first class. just -- just -- i am a coach
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guy. >> not having things handed to you. things to not come easy are really the blessing. you got to overcome some things. if it's harder it makes you better. >> feel like there is -- too many nice things coming our way, you know. my coach said when people talk nice about you, kick them in the shins. >> moody and complicated. >> you can tell us what the high school game of the week you want, there is your choices. get on, vote. and we will show the game friday night. give you live coverage of your favorite match-up. that's the sporting life. back to you. >> thank you. and our coverage continues on find the five-day forecast anytime and check out storm
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